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Book:  Healers Not Dealers
"Healers Not Dealers" is an easy one-hour read that's to the point, sheds light on our current "healthcare" dilemma and provides practical measures to attain and maintain wellness.

I found Dr. Wayne and Dr. Greg Glasco's book to be very interesting and thought provoking.
I have people coming to me everyday with health and nutrition questions;
now I have a book to answer most all of those questions.
"Healers Not Dealers” is a “must read” for everyone from the person just entering the health
and wellness lifestyle to the health and fitness professional. 

Jeff Cohlmia, Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist


This book hits the nail on the head…smack dab in the middle! It’s high time we take a
closer look at disease prevention and wellness, rather than beg for a “quick fix”. 
Most of us are far more concerned with preventative maintenance for our vehicles
than our preventative measures with our bodies.  This book evokes simple wisdom and
common sense that deserves our full attention, and calls us to be proactive with our health.

Pamela Winchester LPN


This book has dramatically changed the way I view my health and has renewed my
commitment to a better lifestyle.  It is concise and easy to read. 
I consider this book a must-read for my family and friends.

Wayne Thomas Ph.D.


Everybody in America needs to read this book.

B. B.


This book is concise, easy to read, with a lot of great points. I especially like the reference
to the fact that only four teeth are for shredding meat.

Allan Wilson

National Sales Manager, Anabolic Laboratories


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