Dr. Wayne Glasco and Dr. Greg Glasco


Letter From the Doctor


       The current trend for health care maintenance and treatment continues to embrace natural therapies. Because of the positive benefits they provide, compared to the traditional care offered for most disorders, natural therapies are rapidly gaining public endorsement.

       Since 1948, when the World Health Organization defined health as being not only the absence of disease and infirmity, but also the presence of physical, mental, and social well-being, quality of life issues have become steadily more important.

        Many Baby Boomers are showing concern over the increasing unwanted side effects of drugs and "orthodox" procedures. They are demanding holistic, less dangerous and less expensive care. This is revealed through the fact that many are willing to pay cash, bypassing healthcare coverage with outrageous deductibles, heftier co-payments and ever increasing premiums. A significant percentage of this soon-to-be senior population is coming to grips with their health. Research shows that the new senior population is deciding to take the steps necessary to get healthy and stay healthy.

       With the intent of living longer comes the realization of staying healthy. Whether it's a desire to perform daily living activities without pain or limitations, a desire to feel younger, a desire to spend quality time with grandchildren, a desire to prevent costly ailments, a desire to prevent unnecessary suffering, or a desire to remain independent, appropriate wellness interventions can help you attain that desire.

       Millions of people can, and should, be helped through natural means of care that are well-documented to be effective.

       Our goal at Glasco Chiropractic is to naturally restore/optimize health which, in turn, creates independency. Independency means fewer repeat medical visits, fewer prescription refills, fewer invasive procedures. Restoring/optimizing health takes compliance, patience, and a true desire for wellness. The quick-fix mentality we've grown accustom to must be overturned in order to achieve wellness. Using natural (drugless, non-surgical) treatment protocols, we have been able to successfully remedy conditions ranging from ear aches, gallbladder disease, and hypercholesterolemia (excess amounts of "bad" cholesterol) to headaches, "sciatica", and sprained ankles. We will strive to resolve your condition as soon as possible, but as with most natural approaches, full recovery may take time. With patience, you can feel confident that the underlying cause is being eradicated (not simply "masked" with which comes relapse and the development of new problems).

       We want your experience not only to be productive, but pleasant. It is for this reason we've been serving the community for 17 years and, God willing, will continue to do so for years to come. Rest assured that nothing has changed with our relocation. You will get the same care and assistance from the same people you've come to know.

Dr. Wayne