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Weight Loss


The natural ingredients in Body Burn help your body burn fat, improve sugar regulation and boost metabolism.

Coleus Forskohlii, a non-stimulant herb with proven fat-burning ability, stimulates signaling agents within adipose tissue, leading to the breakdown of triglycerides and the subsequent release of fatty acids and glycerol into the bloodstream. During endurance exercise, these fatty acids are extracted from the bloodstream and burned as fuel to provide ATP energy to the exercising muscle. In turn, fat cells shrink in size, helping overweight people reduce their body fat more efficiently.

Hydroxycitric acid, a natural substance found in the Garcinia Combogia Fruit, blocks key enzymes in the liver that convert carbohydrates into fat and serves as a natural appetite suppressant.

Chromium decreases conversion of carbohydrates to fats by improving insulin response (the very reason this nutrient is helpful for diabetics) and boosts metabolism by building lean body mass.

Body Burn is stimulant-free and therefore, does not affect risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, seizures, insomnia and nervousness.


Body Burn              1 capsule, twice daily



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